Introducing Hot Air Balloon Necklaces

I have begun creating necklaces based on some of my more popular art prints. Here I have recreated "How to Transport a Whale" into a piece of wearable art! So far, I've made two. This double stranded one and then the single stranded necklace which can be found here.

How to transport a whale
Stay tuned for more necklaces based on other pieces.

I Want to Know About You!

I would really love to know about you and hear any suggestions you may have for this blog. I need you to help me make this a better blog, so I put together an anonymous, 9 question survey for you . Please click here and it will take you to the survey page.
Again, this is anonymous and all of your comments and suggestions are most appreciated! Thank you!!

Just Because Bears Are So Stinkin' Cute!

Bears just don't get enough love. I love bears and this post is a little ode' to the bear. I hope you enjoy these Grrreat examples.

Bear Sculpture by Natalie Choux. He would be so cute on a shelf in your home.
Bear Spoon Rest by ClayOpera. (I'm so getting one of these).

And this great polar bear carved sculpture by CarvinStich. Who needs a guard dog with this face. Love him!

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