My Thrift Store and Antiquing Adventure

I have been inspired by the blogs of Sarah Blank and Marmeecraft and how they share their inspirations behind their work. I have decided to share with all of you some of my inspirations and some of the ideas behind my work. The following are the results of my weekend thrift store and antiquing adventures. Both of these purchases inspired a new mixed media piece.

The above plaque I found at a thrift store in my town. It's 11x19" and made of ceramic. I got it for 50 cents!! I couldn't believe it. I just love the image! These are some doilies and lace that I picked up at a local antique shop. Antique shopping is one of my favorite things to do and I often find it hard to walk out empty handed. Often when I'm feeling the need for inspiration, I wander into my local antique shops to find my muse. Works every time!

This is the result of the inspirations from my purchases. "The Little Brown Balloon" is a 4" wooden plaque with a hand stamped doily. Hand stamped and hand drawn decorations have been applied around the outside edge.
This piece is available at my Etsy shop.


  1. Sarah..this is really creative and I love your new jewelry! We just finally put the horse girl up this weekend. It's so perfect in my daughter's room. Your Etsy site and Trunkt page just look great. Keep up the good work. Oh, and (many apologies) TAG! I'm tagging you...please visit my blog and read the last post to see what it's about. Deb GC

  2. Thanks for your comment Deb and no thanks for the tag! :P I'm just kidding. Thanks for thinking of me. This actually looks fun.

  3. Oh! I loooove your lace balloon!! Thank You ever so much for mentioning my blog! Your a Dear! :) I love your work SO much! :)

  4. oh, i love that plaque, it's a piece of art!

    i see you prefer vintage material, so do i, speciallt from the 19th century.

    from an artist to another,


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