I'm not the most graceful of people and tend to bump into things and fumble delicate objects. I also have a fear of heights and hate being close to edges of high places. I always envision myself tripping and falling over the edge. This series is a reflection of these fears and my lack of coordination, but it also reflects my carefree attitude and easygoing personality.

This piece is part of my "falling" series . It's a 11x14" collage with an altered mat.
The mat has been altered using stencils, stencil paste, and paint. The mat has a wonderful raised texture to it.
This piece is available at my Etsy shop http://sarahogren.etsy.com/

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  1. It's lovely as always!! I adore your work....I really need to purchase something soon! ;)

    And you sound like me.....so far today I've run into the tripod with my elbow, burnt my pinky finger on the iron, and stubbed my toe! ouch!


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