"Sisters". Brooch.

My Newest creation which can be found in my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com

"She Loved Nature". Collage With Altered Mat.

The inspiartion for this piece came from my previous work with medical illustrations under antique photos and from the work of the late Susan Seddon Boulet. Susan often encorporated imagery within her figures. You can view some of her work at http://www.tendreams.org/boulet.htm . Amazon also has several great books on her work.
This piece is available in my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com

Four Set Victorian Girl Ornaments

These are the newest ornaments that I have in my shop. I'm selling them as a 4 set. The images are from an antique fashion page.

New Necklace Design

This is my newest necklace design. The image is a digitally altered copy of an antique tin type photo from my personal collection.
This necklace is available at my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com

"That Bunny Is In Trouble"

I have been really busy preparing for back to back art shows in Novemeber and realized that it had been awhile since I had posted anything new on my blog. Well here it is. This is my newest reproduction print. The print is from an original collage and illustration of mine. It has been printed on a decorative paper and matted in a creamy white mat. This piece is of course, available in my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com

Christmas Ornaments

Two Sided Ornaments
Both of these piece are altered ornaments. One side has a great carved look to it and the other side has a vintage image. Both are made of terra cotta and are available at my Etsy shop.http://sarahogren.etsy.com

"They Were Very Close". Collage with Mirrored Hanger

I found these bunnie images with antiquing a couple weekends ago. I absolutely love them so expect to see a lot of them in my future work. The body of these figures are from http://lunagirl.com.
This piece is available at my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com

Are You Ready For Halloween?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and in celebration of Halloween, I have created this creepy, but friendly art doll.
She is available at my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com

New Little Framed Collages

Miss Elephant (SOLD)

Guard Cat (SOLD)

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Doppelganger Even Closer (SOLD)

Deerdra and Deernise (SOLD)

She Had a Wonderful Personality (SOLD)

No, She Did Not Play Basketball (SOLD)

I will be listing all of the above collages in my Etsy shop throughout the day today. http://sarahogren.etsy.com/

Little Bunny and the Bees

This is a 8x10" combination collage and silkscreen print. Available at my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com/
I've been having fun trying out different ways to combine my "little bunny" silkscreen print with collage. This one is my latest attempt. SOLD

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