Gift Certificates

You can now purchase gift certificates for my Etsy shop! Just click on the "Buy Gift Certificates" button on the right hand of your screen. Select the amount and pay through PayPal (the gift certificate will state that it's good at This is just how they identify purchases made from my shop). The lucky recipient of the gift certificate can then go to and shop!

New Work on Canvas

"Story Time Is Everyone's Favorite Time" SOLD

"She Dreamed of Flying Some Day" SOLD

Both of these pieces are collages on canvas and measure 8x8x1.25". The story time piece has already been posted in my Etsy shop and the "She Dreamed of Flying..." piece will be posted later today.

In December I will be starting a new series of work that will consist of small, chunky, collages on canvas. Each collage will be different, but they will all coordinate with one another. The idea is that they can be grouped together to make a larger piece or stand alone if desired. Check back here in December for more information.

"Bunny and the Raccoon". Collage with Hanger

I've finally gotten enough work completed for my upcoming art shows and have had some time to work on a new piece for my shop.
This is a collage on a trivet. Yes, a trivet. The base of the trivet is made of stone and the frame is resin and the hanger is metal.

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