The Teeny Tiny Art Show II

"She Liked To Bring Her Lunch To Work"

"She Just Wanted To Be Alone"

"Must You Always Follow Me?"

"Bye House"
The title for this piece came from my adolescent years. I had a friend who would always pass my house when she was driving me home and I would always say, "Bye house" as she passed my home.

"A Couple Of Dear's"

These are a few of the pieces that will be exhibited at the Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. The show is called the "Teeny Tiny Art Show II". The show is from 2/8-3/10. You can find more information at
Each piece is a collage on canvas and each measures 5x5x1.5".
I won't be at the show, but my work of course, will be. :)

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