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So I have been feeling very uninspired lately.....actually for the past few months. I know that this is part of the creative process and that ideas ebb and flow, but I've never been in such a long creative dry spell before. It was getting quite frustrating. But I am happy to say that the idea blockage has lifted and hopefully will stay lifted for awhile. I attribute this new creative energy to a website that I recently stumbled upon. The site is Mortified Written. Make sure to check out the Mortified Showbox Show on their site. My personal favorites are the Bookworm Gets Booty and the I Hate Drake stories.

The stories are mostly taken from people's personal journals and first hand accounts of all of the silly ideas and experiences that we had as children and young adults. Hearing these stories prompted me to go back and reread some of my old journals. As I was reading about all of the drama of my past self, I found it funny how unimportant it all really was. I mean it was important in the sense that those experiences made me into the person I am today, but reading some of my journal pages, you would have thought I was about to die. :) It kind of gives me comfort knowing that whatever drama I'm currently experiencing is only temporary and to not get so caught up in it all because it won't really matter tomorrow.
Anyways, this dive into my past has inspired me to create a new series of work revolving around my journal pages and will include quotes from these journals.....I'm thinking the quotes will be the titles, but I may start adding some text in the imagery as well. We'll see what happens. The above three collages are the begining of this project.


  1. you are so imaginitive. i'm glad you feel your steam is back. i keep a slew of sketchbooks going for my dry spells. sometimes i get so caught up in them i prefer to doodle than to paint.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment.
    Yes, I find sketchbooks to be very helpful as well. At least if your not feeling inspired, your keeping the ideas flowing.


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