Owl Ladies

Both of these pieces can be found in my Etsy shop.

New Matted Originals


Both of these pieces are original, matted, collages.

Dances Of Vice

The people at Dances of Vice approached me recently about listing one of my brooches in their new Etsy shop. The above Cat Twins II brooch can be found there. Please stop by and check it out as well as some of the other Victorian inspired works by other artists.
Dances of Vice also has a website. I'd highly recommend visiting if you are into Victorian and Gothic happenings.

Collage Houses

The Pink House

The Black and White Rabbit House

The Horse House

The Cat and the Yellow and Orange House
All of these sculptural houses are collage on wood and are now posted in my Etsy shop.

A Lost Cat

I'm such a sucker for animals. This cat showed up at my window today. She's really quite skinny under all of that fur and she is the sweetest thing. Quite the cuddler. She's officially the studio cat for the evening until I can get her to the Humane Society and hopefully reunite her with her owners.

Best In Show

I'm thrilled to announce that the above four pieces won me Best in Show honors at the Beverly Arts Center's Emerging Artists Competition this evening.

Free Shipping Continues...

I have decided to continue to offer free shipping in my Etsy shop now until further notice.
Above is a gocco screen print titled, "Overgrowth". I created this image a little over two years ago and still use it in my jewelry designs. But this is the last print that I will have available on the antique book pages. Once it's gone, there will be no more.

Happy New Year!

I hope every one's new year is off to a good start!
I have some new pendant designs and options for the new year! In addition to some new images, you can also now get any image on either silver or brass. This goes for my wholesale offerings as well. So while nursing your hangover, please stop by my Etsy shop and have a peek. :)

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