What Are You Looking At?

Framed collage with iron hanger.


  1. Wherre do you find such fabulous frames?

  2. Hello :) I had posted a month or so ago on your "pear of hares" project.. I was on my way to Atlanta and looking forward to checking out Yongblood gallery.. that place is so awesome!
    I did make it to the gallery and I treated myself to one of your collages.. I didn't see it on your blog, but its the one that features a grizzly bear. Its so lovely.
    I was wondering how you print your work.. do you have a printer you like or do you get it printed somewhere else? I'm planning to start selling my work on Etsy, hopefully soon!
    Oddly enough, part of my (9-5) job involves working with large digital presses, but it would be unethical for me to print my stuff at work to sell... unfortunately! hah
    Anyway, I think your work is amazing!

  3. I find my frames all over the place....craft stores, resale shops, etc.

  4. Hey Sarah,
    I'm glad you enjoyed Young Blood Gallery and thank you for purchasing my work. To answer your question, I use a Epson Photo 1400 printer. I have found that the type of paper you use is almost more important than the printer. I also have a Epson NX400 and it prints about just as well as the more expensive 1400 printer....it uses a lot of ink though.
    Good luck with your Etsy shop!

  5. Holy#%$^ what a frame! I think I need to follow you around and stalk you for your frames LOL. great peice by the way! very cool!

  6. Haha. Ok, you can follow me. I'm leaving in about an hour...

  7. your work is AWESOME!!! i love it !!!


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