New, original collage which has now been posted in my Etsy shop.

New Stuff!!

Cardinal Necklace
Assemblage necklace.

A Hummingbird Relocation Project
This is a multi-dimensional framed art piece. Features a reproduction print of mine as well as some original collage work.
Both this piece and the Cardinal necklace are now available on Etsy.
I am also working a couple of new holiday ornaments so stay tuned for those.

The Perfect Man

Yes he is! He's strong, he brings you flowers and he's kind to animals!
Reproduction print.


Two new original ornaments which are now available in my Etsy shop. These pieces were inspired by the pictures below.

Heart ornaments found at

Antique ornament found in the Southern Lady Holiday 2010 magazine.

Double Up

I was browsing the Spring 2010 issue of Decor magazine and came across the image above of the birds in silhouette. I was inspired and decided to see what I could create.
The second image is what I came up with. The piece is titled, "Double Up". It is a 8x10" original digital print with additional hand-drawn details that were added after the piece was printed.
I may offer these with slightly different details in the future.

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