Quails Have Invaded My Art

My newest interest in the animal kingdom and inclusion in my art work seems to be that of quails. You may have already noticed them sneaking into some of my previous creations already. Now no need to worry my rabbit lovers out there, the rabbit is here to stay, but the quail will be making an appearance every now and again.

Silly Quail Necklace

Quails, aside from being beautiful are also kind of a silly creature and not really known for their intelligence. I like them anyways. They almost say to me, "So what if I'm not the smartest, I'm cute and I don't care what you think; ignorance is indeed bliss". It may be my new mantra...

Silly Quail (reproduction print)Both of these quail themed works have been posted in the shop, but be careful as they may infect your mind as well!


  1. The Silly Quail Necklace is beautiful! Where did you get that?

  2. Thank you!
    I made it. :)
    The quail image is from the collage work I did (see quail image below necklace). The flowers and chain and other pieces are all found pieces that I put together to make the necklace.


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