How to Make Your Work More Whimsical

I would like to share a couple of quick tips on how you can make your work have that fun,whimsical feel.

1.  Play With Scale.
Any time you have a giant figure next to a small one, or a figure that is small in real life, but large in your created image will equal instant whimsy. 
This also applies in reverse. A figure/item that is small in real life is made extra large in your image will give you that same whimsical feel. Children's stories are filled with these examples.

2. Make the Impossible Possible.
This is one of my favorite tricks. The elephant images above illustrate this well.
In the image on the left the elephant is spraying water from it's trunk and supporting a small ship while doing so. In the image on the right, a giant mushroom is supporting the weight of an elephant. Neither of these things of course, could ever happen in real life so they become whimsical.

What are some of your tricks for creating instant whimsy?


  1. I love the element of surprise - like my cat popping out of the cookie jar, or popping her face into the frame of a photograph.

    Great blog, Sarah! More whimsy!

  2. Yeah, the unexpected is always a great whimsy maker!
    One of my other favorites is anthropomorphism. There is just something fun about animals being people-like.

  3. thkx for talking about this! great insight


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