Heartsy Deal!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
I mentioned last week in my "promotion post" that this weeks promotion would be a Heartsy deal.
Here is how the deal works. If you buy a $10 voucher on Heartsy you will get a $22 credit in my Etsy shop to use on whatever you wish. The credit can even be used on shipping. The voucher is good for one month and you can purchase one for yourself and up to 3 as gifts.
Heartsy also has a VIP program. If you are a VIP, and you purchase a $10 voucher you will receive a $32 credit for anything in my shop.

VIP's can begin shopping tomorrow at 8am PST, Tuesday 11/29.
Everyone else can begin to purchase vouchers at 8 am PST, on Wednesday, 11/30- 12/01.

Heartsy also has a generous referral promotion as well. When you purchase a voucher, you will be given a special link. If other people purchase vouchers through your link you get a $10 credit. So please spread the word!

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