Mini Original Paintings

This is the first two of new mini originals that I am working on. I have a total of 24 of these 4.5 x 4.5" booards so expect to see 22 more variations of these.
This particular set has been already been posted for sale. You can find them here.


Will be posting new, original, collage pieces today and through the weekend. This piece titled, "Fox Walk" has already been posted. You can find it here.  Other works include another landscape piece as well as a bunny rabbit figurine and decorative metal hooks.

Art Exchange

So the Art House Co-op is conducting a 4x6 art exchange. Create a 4x6" piece of art work. Mail them your art and a self-addressed stamped envelope, and they'll send you a random piece of art created by another participant. You can sign-up for the exchange here.  There are limited spots available. I am participating in this one.

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