Everything is Coming Up Abstract and No, I'm Not High

Abstract Art is showing up everywhere. Have you noticed? Abstract art has been around for decades, but have you noticed that it has been making its way into fashion and home d├ęcor items like pillows and even wallpaper!

Here is an example of the Summer 2014 collection by Celine. I particularly love this jacket.
An abstract art pillow by artist Emily Rickard. She has lots of great abstract art prints as well.

Abstract watercolor paper by Black Crow Studios.

What I love about abstract art is it's ability to liven up a room, or your wardrobe, with lots of wonderful color and texture. Plus it seems to be something that takes me longer to get tired of. Maybe it's because I can make-up images within the abstract forms; kind of like finding shapes in clouds.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new revival of abstract art. Do you like it? Hate it? Just don't get it? Please leave a comment below.

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