Her Hair is Everywhere

My work has been returning to hair as a the subject matter. You can see my recent hair themed works in this blog post here.
I get so many of my ideas from looking at antique photography. I love the colors, the mood and the surrealistic quality of these photos. Here are a few of the images that I have been recent sources of inspiration for me.

Or this antique photo found on Reality Aslyum's tublr page.

This old photo was found on Archives and Mythologies Des Lucioles.
Or this patient gal. Image was found on flickr.

Wall Murals


This is a wall mural I created late last year for The Celt Experience Brewery in Wales. It was for their bowling alley in their pub/brewery. I have also been doing the artwork for their Shape Shifter line of beers.

The above photo is the mural along side the lanes in its entirety.

And this one was at the end of the alley.
The characters for the murals were created with good old fashioned paper collage, acrylic paint and ink. I then scanned each image into my computer and completed the piece in Photoshop.
The image was then printed on wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper! It turned out great. I would highly recommend the wallpaper route if you are looking for a large scale mural.

A Red and Yellow Kids Room Inspiration

This room was inspired mostly by the wonderful and cheery color palette of the red and yellow room by Style at Home. Once I saw that room, I knew the perfect accessories for it. 
The doll house bookcase is just genius , and I'm absolutely in love with cloud pillows!
Red and yellow room by Style at Home.
The totally adorable doll house book shelf by Atypical Type A.
Sun and cloud pillows by Cecil Clyde. 

This Weekends Sneak Peak

Yes show time is tomorrow. I have been working hard creating new, original, mixed media paintings for the show this weekend. The show will have a mix of light-hearted, colorful paintings and these slightly darker pieces.
If you are in the Chicago area this weekend make sure to stop by the Wells Street Art Festival. All the details can be found under the "Shows" tab at the top of the blog.

These works are not currently posted for sale online. They are being reserved especially for this show. If they are still available when I return, I will make sure to post them in my Etsy shop and will post them here on this blog as well. So stay tuned.

It's Showtime!

I will be exhibiting at the Wells St. Arts Festival in Chicago this weekend June 14-15. You can learn more about the show here.  Hope to see you there!

A Dining Room Inspired By Art

This dining room is for your inner whimsical and chic cowgirl.
One of my favorite looks for rooms is to combine something a little sparkly with something a little rustic. The different textures between nature and man-made just makes my eyes happy!
Best of all, a lot of these ideas could be thrifted. Which is of course, not only fun, but environmentally friendly and money saving. 
I could see the bucket lights made from antique cans. The mirror almost looks like it could be made with molding and plates and that wall from old barn wood.


Bucket lights from Eclectic Chic.
Wall stencil from Cutting edge Stencils.
Rustic Wall from Centsational Girl.
Flooring from Stover's Liquidation.

Give Them All A Hand

Since the hand showed-up in my work last week, I thought I would continue the hand theme.

I have always loved hands in artwork for some reason. I think it may be that they are one of the more difficult pieces of anatomy to render in art.

So here is a little hand inspired art for your enjoyment.

Sculpture by Fernando Botero.

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