Well I decided to start working on organizing my studio today. I went out and bought shelving and clear plastic bins. I decided to purchase a metal shelf instead of the Rubbermaid snap togeter shelf that I had originally planned to buy because the metal one was $10 cheaper. Big mistake!! I spent the last three hours trying to put that stupid metal shelf together and swearing like a sailor in the process! It's now in a sagging lump in my garage. I'm going back to the store tomorrow to get the Rubbermaid one! It's very frustrating. I was hoping to have pictures to post of my new organized studio space and to be working in my new studio by now. Oh well. It'll be up in the next couple of days.

I do have some new work to post. I have started collaging birdhouses.
The idea for collaging this birdhouse came after I discovered this great birdhouse shape with it's interesting metal details. The birdhouse was originally a light grey color and I thought that collaging the surface would make it even more special. I have been inspired by other artists who have collaged birdhouses in publications such as Somerset Studio, and have always wanted to do one of my own.

This is a 9.5 x 5.5" collaged birdhouse.This is a pre-made birdhouse that I collaged with decorative papers,images, paint, and stamps. The birdhouse appears to be made of concrete or some type of clay. This piece has some weight to it. The feet and the entrance of the birdhouse are rusted metal.I collaged the entire surface with decorative papers and images and then stamped all of the edges of the house. An image of a birdsnest is in the peak of the roof of the house.
This piece is currently for sale at my Etsy store SOLD

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