Just Me and the Bees

This is my newest collage titled, "Me and the Bees". I think that that this piece would be great in a nursery or little kids room. I have been thinking about developing a whole line of artwork for kids rooms and was thinking that a variation on this design would be a great place to start. What do all of you think?
This collage reminds me of Summer! This piece measures 10 x 10" and is 2" thick (this size includes the frame).The image was created by combining vintage images and decorative papers.The frame is wooden and has been distressed. The frame was originally a brick red, and I painted a cream color over top. The red underneath pokes through in a few spots and it looks as if it has been around for awhile. The frame can sit alone or it can be hung on the wall. All of the necessary hardware is in place to do both.This collage is titled, signed, and dated on the back.
This piece is available for purchase at my Etsy shop. http://sarahogren.etsy.com/ SOLD

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