Cats Around the Birdhouse

This is my newest piece titled, "Cats around the birdhouse".
I found this neat birdhouse and decided to paint and collage it. I was trying to think of animals and images that you would see around birdhouses and came up with cats. Birdhouses and bird feeders have always been a favorite place of my cats!
This is a collaged lightweight metal birdhouse. It measures 9" at it's highest point (the top of the hanger) and 3.5" at it's widest point. It is 3.5" wide.I painted the entire suface of the birdhouse in a antique gold metalic paint. I added collaged decorative papers and images, stamped the surface, and added faux berries and vines. The roof has writing on it in a raised pattern. You can't make out what the writing says, it's merely to add texture to the piece. There is also some raised swirl texture on the very front of the house around the heart.
This piece is titled, signed, and dated on the bottom.
You can few more angles as well as purchase this piece at my Etsy shop. http;// SOLD

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