Don't Kiss.....

Don't Kiss Frogs

Don't Kiss Snakes

Don't Kiss Turtles

Don't Kiss Lizards
This is a new series of work that I just completed for my graduate class. These pieces will not be available in my Etsy shop anytime soon, but may be offered as prints there at some point in the future.
Each piece was created as a diptych and revolves around the idea that people come into our lives to teach us something. Sometimes what we need to learn is a positive experience. Other times it is a more challenging experience. Either way, these encounters seem to prepare us in some way for what is ahead.

Cradled Board

I Like That You Are Always Available

She Loved His Kind Nature

Both of these pieces are 6 x8 "original work on cradled board. The sides on both of the pieces have been altered using stencil paste and have a slightly raised texture. These will be available in my Etsy shop today.

The Outdoor Type

I'm starting a new series of collages featuring these two guys. My brother found the images at a flea market recently and gave them to me. I plan on doing a series of eight more collages which will also include decorative papers of my own design. I will post them here when they are complete.
This particular collage is currently available in my Etsy shop.

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