9 Pieces

This is the latest edition of work for my graduate thesis show. I have posted three pictures of the sculptural houses because they were the best of the photos that I took. I'm afraid I'm not much of a photographer and really don't like taking photos much.
The last photo is what all nine pieces look like together. The top three square collage pieces have three, wood, ovals with bees on them hanging from the bottom. The middle three collage have vintage lace that dangles from the bottom of the work. I plan on displaying these pieces as pictured in the grouping.
All of the animals on the wood plaques have text over their bodies. The text is from my own personal journal pages.
The concept behind this series focuses on three distinct periods in my life where I met someone who caused me pain (represented by the middle collage pieces). Then shortly after, meeting someone else (represented by the top collage pieces) who seemed to be just the perfect personality for helping me get over that hurt (represented by the houses).

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