Where Do You Find Your Objects?

I get asked all the time where I find the objects that I use in my art work. The truth is that there really is no secret place. I find my objects in thrift stores, antique shops, and most often through craft stores and other mass merchandisers. These are all stores that you can most likely find in your neighborhood.
My secret is that I look at an object for it's shape and potential. You can cover just about any object or surface in paint and paper, so essentialy everything becomes a potential canvas. For me, I look for objects that are interesting and have a smooth texture. It doesn't matter if there is a image already printed onto the piece; just cover it.
Above is an example of a urn that I found at my local craft store. It's a little beat-up, but that is no problem since I will be covering the piece with paper and paint.

I usually begin with applying my paper. Here I have begun to cover my object with decorative papers and vintage text.

I then cover my image with white paint, but making sure that some of the paper design beneath comes through.
I add my painted-on clouds and a little metallic paint on the edges near the parts of the urn that were not painted in order to provide a little transition between the untouched portion of the urn and the image I am creating.
I next add my cut-out collage images all around the surface of the urn and add my hand-drawn details in pen and ink.
A layer of varnish is all that is needed and the piece is complete!

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