Trying To Find My Place

I don't usually go into much detail behind the imagery in my work. Sometimes it's not something I feel like sharing. Other times, I'm not entirely sure why I chose the image; you can say it just spoke to me.

Today is a little different. Today I will give a little peek into the meaning of this piece, "Trying to Find My Place".
For me my home as always been a place where I felt safe. Where I could fully be myself without fear of judgement. The image of the house in this piece is quite literally my heart.
Now I am quite the believer that each of us is the sole protector of our hearts. We must choose carefully who we share our hearts with; not everyone is ready for what we have to share or appreciative of it's gift.

Now usually I use a rabbit as my figures or the rabbit somehow makes an appearance in my work.  Many times the rabbit is myself or a small part of my personality, but it is always the light-hearted version. The idea behind this piece required a tougher animal though.

In this piece I have used a crow as the figure. Crows are such loud birds; squawking at the slightest sign of danger. They are in many ways natures alarm system. What a great animal to help protect such a valuable piece of property. When the crow doesn't squawk, I will know I have found my place to rest.

You can find this image here.


  1. I love this imagery and your heartfelt sharing on it, the crow is so apt ^ _ ^


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