Who Doesn't Like Flying Bunnies?

I have for you today a little nursery art inspiration. I think a lot of nursery designs are just kind of overly cutsie. Now I do like me some cute, but sometimes it's just a little too much. Plus why does everything have to match perfectly? (Everything matching perfectly is a pet peeve of mine). Good room design, including nurseries, I think, should coordinate. Not match perfectly.
A room with a little variety in texture, color and art make for a visually interesting room that won't bore your eyes!

This is a nursery idea board that I came up with. Notice how each element  coordinates with one another , yet doesn't match perfectly. Here are the links to the work in my idea board.


Here are some additional items that I think would look great with this room as well.
These original collage paintings are my work and can be found on my Etsy site here and here.

Or maybe even a wing back chair for the room.

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