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I have been getting more and more back into painting these days. I still use paper collage in all of my works, but it seems that lately , the use of paint has been the medium I use most frequently.  I like it. Paint is fluid and more apt to serendipity.
Here are a few of my newest pieces. you will also notice that my work has gotten more abstract as well.


The above two pieces are reproduction prints.  I begun with The Spotted Potato piece which is a mixed media collage piece. The background is acrylic paint and pen and ink and the geometric designs are cut paper, pen and ink, and some stamping.
The Show Pony piece was created over top of The Spotted Potato piece by adding paper collage elements and adding a few additional pen and ink details.
I have also been using Photoshop a little bit more than I used to. I am not a huge fan of Photoshop collage works , there is always something "off" about them to me. I have found however that if I begin with my hand-painted backgrounds and then add my hand-made collage images and just layer the two in Photoshop as opposed to creating everything in Photoshop, I end up with something I like. The It's a Little Cloudy Today piece below is one I created in just this way.

In addition to using paints more often, my work has also gotten a little larger. Here I have two 16x20" mixed media on cradled board pieces available. You can find these larger pieces as well as the above prints in my Etsy shop.

On another note, I would like to add that I won't be doing the Chicago Renegade Holiday show this year.  Sorry to those of you who were planning on seeing me there. You can still find my work through Etsy though, and I add new work all the time.

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