Illustrated Cookbook

Just wanted to let everyone know that my illustrated cookbook, "Sweet Bunny" is now available on etsy.

All of the illustrations and recipes were done by me. The book contains 12 super delicious dessert recipes along with 12 corresponding, whimsical ,  bunny rabbit illustrations.

I have made and tested all of the recipes in this book myself . I also had plenty of eager volunteers in the tasting department. 
I am somewhat of a dessert snob and these recipes rock! They are also super easy to make. The cake recipe section gussies-up cake mixes to a whole new level.
My absolute favorite recipe in the book is called, "Heath, Sugar Daddy". It's a tasty cookie bar that combines Heath chips and almond filling. Soooo good!

Each recipe is accompanied by a bunny rabbit and food themed illustration. This book is part cookbook, part artist book, part comic relief and all fun.

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