So What Does It All Mean?

When we look at art we all know on some level what sort of meaning we derive from what we are seeing. It usually begins with a feeling. That piece caught my attention because I loved the color or it made me smile. Or that piece caught my attention because it made me feel curious, etc.

Then when we look closer at the work we begin to notice the texture and imagery and all the details of a piece. Sometimes the imagery reminds us of something from our past (good or bad) or maybe something that we are going through at the moment.

Once we have had our response to the piece, we often wonder what the artist was thinking when they created the work. We wonder if our response is what the artist intended or was it something totally different?
Today, I thought I'd share an image key that I have put together to help you the viewer better understand the meanings behind the imagery I use.
Below is the image key that accompanies all the work that I do.
*You can find the most up-to-date image key in the About tab above.
Image Key
Cats- mischief, magic                                   Dots- mindfulness, meditation
Birds- The heart or Love                             Men- Confidence
Rabbits- naiveté, ego                                   Women- self, nurturing
Bears- strength                                           Clouds- aspirations, future
Elephants- whimsy, happiness, wisdom         Houses- ssafety, acceptance
Dogs- friends                                               Balloons- hopes and dreams
Butterflies- freedom, choice                       Girls/Boys- innocence, innocent self
Whales- wisdom                                           Ships- dreams, future
Fox- mischief, calm, contentment                Stars- memories, spirits
Victorian Figures- Society, Culture, Values
Flowers/Plants -growth (physical, spiritual, emotional)

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