The Process of Making a Collage Image Using Photoshop


 So today I thought I'd share with you a little about my process of making a collage image. I create my collage images mainly two different ways. 1). Traditional cut and paste. Meaning I create and assemble images completely out of paper or 2) I use a combination of paper and Photoshop.
Today I am going to show you my Photoshop method.

The Photoshop method that I will show you today actually starts out much like regular cut and paste collage. I usually begin with a quick sketch of the image that I would like to create.  In this case, I have been working on some Halloween images and have drawn a witch and her broom riding cat.

I then redraw my image from my sketch. I like to use a mixed media paper which allows me to use a variety of mediums with ease. In this case, I have begun to draw the witch's face and have used watercolor to add color.

I don't usually redraw the entire image. Instead I redraw it in pieces. Below we see all of the completed pieces of the witch.

These pieces will now be individually scanned into Photoshop and then digitally collaged together. What I like about this method is I can reuse any piece of this witch for another project or resize different pieces to get the exact look and size I am looking for. I also like that if I made a mistake on her hat, I don't have to redo the entire piece. I just remake the hat and move on.

 I can also easily change backgrounds, change the image to silhouette and even add text if I like.  And best of all, this image can now be used in many different, future compositions.

I'd love to hear your thought and any tips you have with using Photoshop.

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