7 Tips To Buying Art Online

It is a safe bet that if you are reading this blog you are a lover of art. Good for you, me too!  Art makes our lives richer , makes us think, makes us feel, and makes us human. Basically, without art life would be extremely dull.
So how does someone who loves art and wants to support artists endeavors go about choosing artwork to buy? Especially online? 

1. Always buy art that you love. I mean absolutely love. The piece has to speak to you in some way.
2. Check to see if the person you are buying the art from has a return policy. In my store for example, I have a 30 day return policy because I know it can be scary to purchase art online. Especially if that art is a considerable investment and I only want you to have art you absolutely love!

 3. If you look at a piece and are still thinking about it hours later, it's a good bet you will happy with your purchase.

4.  Check the seller's feedback. Lots of happy customers usually means great art and great customer service.

5. Ask lots of questions if needed. Ask about the materials used and how long those materials will last. Is the piece archival?

6. A certificate of authenticity for an original art work is a bonus. If a seller doesn't have one, ask if they would be willing to create one for you.
A certificate of authenticity is just an added level of security that the piece in your possession is authentic.

7. Just buy art. If you love art, support the arts.
I took a class from Nancy Merkiling who is a great photographer and arts educator. She says she sets aside an allowance every month to purchase art and encourages her kids to do the same. Which I think is a fantastic idea. So when that special piece comes along that you love and that makes your heart sing, you will easily have the funds to buy it.
**if you are in the Chicago area, I'd highly recommend taking one of Nancy's workshops. She's very good! Plus her studio is just blocks from the Metra train station in Harvard.

Feel free to share this post and I'd love to hear if you have any additional tips on buying art.

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