How To Add Abstract Art to Your Home in 3 Ways

So how exactly do you incorporate abstract art into your home? There are of course hundreds of ways, and you are only limited by your imagination, but today I will share with you three tips.

1. Retile the backsplash in your kitchen.
These are skateboard tiles by The Art of Board. These would be awesome in a modern kitchen. But if your kitchen is more traditional, why not choose some of the abstract tiles that would compliment your cabinets while still adding some of that great abstract design to help modernize the space a bit?
I could see the black and grey and the brown tone tiles working really well in this way.

2. Us it to add color throughout the space. Like this photo found on NIB.
Not all of the artwork in the space needs to be abstract for this look to work. You can make it look cohesive by choosing one or two colors within your existing artwork or pillows, or couch, etc. and choose abstract art that picks up on that hue.

3. Try and accent wall. Here is an image from Elle D├ęcor.
Abstract art doesn't have to be overly colorful. This piece here is two colors, yet adds lots of visual interest to the room.

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