A Halloween Pumpkin Art Doll

This is a hand-sculpted, and completely original art doll. You can find it in my Etsy shop here. Just a warning though, she will only be on the site for a short 2 weeks before she is coming with me to the Lake County Art Fair in Mundelein, IL.  So if she tickles your fancy, grab her before someone else does!

Here's a little background on how I created this art doll.

Her head is a Styrofoam ball with a layer of paper clay over top. I then sculpt the details of her face into the paper clay (check out my tutorial on paper clay here).

Her body is made from a chipboard cone that also has a layer of paper clay over top. Her hands are sculpted from paper clay as well. To add texture to her dress, I used a rubber stamp to stamp into the wet clay.

Once the clay has dried, I paint the entire piece and add fabric trims and buttons.

The little skull head she is carrying is actually from a ice cube mold and I added a little metal washer over its eye.

The base which she sits is a metal candlestick.

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