My Childhood #1 and #2

I went antique shopping this weekend and found some great old moulding from someones house and some old pictures. The moulding had been painted several times and had nail holes and all that great texture that you get from old things! The pictures I found were dated from the early 1900's. They were family photos and it looks like some of the pictures were taken with the families slaves! Well the above two pieces were created from those purchase.

Both pieces measure 10 x 5.5" The top piece is 1" thick and the bottom piece is 1.5" thick. I painted these as little as possible. I wanted the original texture of the moulding and even the nail holes to show through.
The images were created my combing the photos I purchased this weekend and other vintage images from my collection.
Both pieces are available for purchase (separately) at my Etsy shop. Both are SOLD

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