Keep Your Head High

I created this piece on the day I learned that someone who I went to high school with had passed away. I knew of him, but unfortunately never really knew him. Based on all the loving comments posted about him on Facebook, I am sorry that I did not know him better. 

The blessing in death, is that it serves as a reminder to us who are still here; to live a live our lives happy and with love because we don't know when we will get the chance to do so again.

A little background into the meaning of the imagery in this piece:
The stars or balls of yellow light are memories or spirits of the people who have passed.  The tightrope that the bear is walking on is a metaphor for the delicateness of life. The buntings are the distractions; the petty, the things that distract us from our purpose. And the bear is strength. You can find more information on the meanings behind my work in the post I did here.
Have a good day everyone!

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