Art With A Surprise

I got a little surprise from my artwork this morning. It was a little paper hand that somehow got into my work when I was painting the background for this piece.
I noticed it when I went to draw in some geometric details. It made me laugh and instead of removing it, I decided to keep it in the piece. Adds something fun and extra quirky to the work don't you think?
This is one of the things that I love about art; those unexpected, serendipitous moments. 

How To Add Abstract Art to Your Home in 3 Ways

So how exactly do you incorporate abstract art into your home? There are of course hundreds of ways, and you are only limited by your imagination, but today I will share with you three tips.

1. Retile the backsplash in your kitchen.
These are skateboard tiles by The Art of Board. These would be awesome in a modern kitchen. But if your kitchen is more traditional, why not choose some of the abstract tiles that would compliment your cabinets while still adding some of that great abstract design to help modernize the space a bit?
I could see the black and grey and the brown tone tiles working really well in this way.

2. Us it to add color throughout the space. Like this photo found on NIB.
Not all of the artwork in the space needs to be abstract for this look to work. You can make it look cohesive by choosing one or two colors within your existing artwork or pillows, or couch, etc. and choose abstract art that picks up on that hue.

3. Try and accent wall. Here is an image from Elle Décor.
Abstract art doesn't have to be overly colorful. This piece here is two colors, yet adds lots of visual interest to the room.

Get a Free Copy Of My Book!

I am giving away one free signed copy of my Sweet Bunny book.
This book is an illustrated dessert cookbook all created by me. I developed the recipes and designed all of the illustrations.  You can read more about the book here.

Here are the details on how you can get yours.

1. Sign-up for my email Newsletter. You can find it under my picture on the right.
2. Confirm your email when prompted.
That's it.

I will draw a random name from all who sign-up. The winner will receive one copy of my Sweet Bunny Book and it will be signed by me. 
If you are the winner I will email you on July 1st.

Drawing ends July 1, 2014 at 6am Central Standard Time. Good luck!

7 Tips To Buying Art Online

It is a safe bet that if you are reading this blog you are a lover of art. Good for you, me too!  Art makes our lives richer , makes us think, makes us feel, and makes us human. Basically, without art life would be extremely dull.
So how does someone who loves art and wants to support artists endeavors go about choosing artwork to buy? Especially online? 

1. Always buy art that you love. I mean absolutely love. The piece has to speak to you in some way.
2. Check to see if the person you are buying the art from has a return policy. In my store for example, I have a 30 day return policy because I know it can be scary to purchase art online. Especially if that art is a considerable investment and I only want you to have art you absolutely love!

 3. If you look at a piece and are still thinking about it hours later, it's a good bet you will happy with your purchase.

4.  Check the seller's feedback. Lots of happy customers usually means great art and great customer service.

5. Ask lots of questions if needed. Ask about the materials used and how long those materials will last. Is the piece archival?

6. A certificate of authenticity for an original art work is a bonus. If a seller doesn't have one, ask if they would be willing to create one for you.
A certificate of authenticity is just an added level of security that the piece in your possession is authentic.

7. Just buy art. If you love art, support the arts.
I took a class from Nancy Merkiling who is a great photographer and arts educator. She says she sets aside an allowance every month to purchase art and encourages her kids to do the same. Which I think is a fantastic idea. So when that special piece comes along that you love and that makes your heart sing, you will easily have the funds to buy it.
**if you are in the Chicago area, I'd highly recommend taking one of Nancy's workshops. She's very good! Plus her studio is just blocks from the Metra train station in Harvard.

Feel free to share this post and I'd love to hear if you have any additional tips on buying art.

Baby Elephants and a Kids Room Inspiration

Elephants looks so stinkin' cute in kids rooms, so I put together a little elephant-themed kids room inspiration for you.


Cloud Wall Stencil Design by Handmade Charlotte
Elephant Rocker by Not on the High Street
Elephant Art by me * this particular piece has sold.
Elephant and green bedding by Giggle Six Baby
Toadstool cushions by Smith and Scott

Things Are Starting To Get A Little Creepy Around Here

Yes, I have started creating Halloween already!
These pieces are actually being created for a couple of October art fairs, but I have decided to post them in my Etsy shop now. This gives my non-local collectors and blog readers a chance to have first dibs on the best pieces before they are off to the local art shows.

All the Halloween Folk art sculptures that you see here have been posted and are available for sale now.  More will be posted in the near future as they are completed. These are all one-of-a-kind, so make sure you get the one you like best before it's gone!

How To Be More Creative

One of the things I hear from people all the time is, "How can I be more creative" or "I'm just not very creative". 
The truth is we are all creative. We were all born with an incredibly creative mind. Children are some of the most imaginative people around. Trouble is we lose some of this as we get older.
Now creativity is best described as being on a continuum and where we fall on that continuum depends on what it is that we are trying to be creative at. So for example, I may be further to the left in the art making continuum, but waay over to the right when it comes to fiction writing. 
So why is this? It's mostly has to do with how much time and attention you give something. Yes, raw talent does play a role in how well you execute something. So I may naturally be a good drawer, but if I don't practice my creativity, all I'll be is a good drawer. Not more creative.
Here is an infographic I created that outlines the differences between people who claim to be creative vs. those who say they are not creative. Feel free to share and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject.


A Room Inspired By Art

I'd like to share with you some beautiful products that I have found that I think would make for a unique, eclectic, space. 
Here I show you how these pieces work around my artwork because I know one of the most troubling things about buying artwork is how to make it work in your space.
I hope you are inspired and this generates some ideas for you in your own space and maybe with some of the artwork you already have.
Light is by Shades of Light
Couch by Terrain
Rug by Rugs USA

Everything is Coming Up Abstract and No, I'm Not High

Abstract Art is showing up everywhere. Have you noticed? Abstract art has been around for decades, but have you noticed that it has been making its way into fashion and home décor items like pillows and even wallpaper!

Here is an example of the Summer 2014 collection by Celine. I particularly love this jacket.
An abstract art pillow by artist Emily Rickard. She has lots of great abstract art prints as well.

Abstract watercolor paper by Black Crow Studios.

What I love about abstract art is it's ability to liven up a room, or your wardrobe, with lots of wonderful color and texture. Plus it seems to be something that takes me longer to get tired of. Maybe it's because I can make-up images within the abstract forms; kind of like finding shapes in clouds.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new revival of abstract art. Do you like it? Hate it? Just don't get it? Please leave a comment below.

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