New Collages. I've Been Busy!!


I bought this little frame while antiquing this weekend. I fell in love with its delicate design and shape and I knew that I had to make a collage to fit inside of it.
The frame is lightweight and made of wood. It has a delicate gold filigree design with red accents on the front. It measures 5" round and 3/4" thick. It's ready to hang (This little frame has glass).
The image was created by combining vintage images, decorative papers and stamps.
This piece is titled, signed, and dated on the back.
You can purchase this collage at my Etsy shop. SOLD

"My Childhood 3 and 4"
These are a continuation of the "My Childhood" series.
They measure 11 x 5 x 1.25" and are a collage on wood moulding.
Both pieces are ready to hang.
The wood moulding used on both of these pieces have many layers of paint and even have the original nail holes. They have great texture and the moulding makes for an interesting collage surface.
The images were created by combining decorative papers, vintage images, and stamps.
They are both titled, signed , and dated on the back.
Each piece is sold separately and are available for purchase at my Etsy shop. Both are SOLD.

My Childhood #1 and #2

I went antique shopping this weekend and found some great old moulding from someones house and some old pictures. The moulding had been painted several times and had nail holes and all that great texture that you get from old things! The pictures I found were dated from the early 1900's. They were family photos and it looks like some of the pictures were taken with the families slaves! Well the above two pieces were created from those purchase.

Both pieces measure 10 x 5.5" The top piece is 1" thick and the bottom piece is 1.5" thick. I painted these as little as possible. I wanted the original texture of the moulding and even the nail holes to show through.
The images were created my combing the photos I purchased this weekend and other vintage images from my collection.
Both pieces are available for purchase (separately) at my Etsy shop. Both are SOLD

The Weather Sure is Strange Lately

This piece is titled, "The Weather Sure is Strange Lately" and is a continuation of my doll themed work. It was inspired by the crazy weather we have been having and will have in the future thanks to global warming!
This piece is a 10 x 10 x 1.5" collage on wrapped canvas. The sides of this piece is finished and it is ready to hang.The image was created by combining decorative papers and vintage images.This piece is titled, signed and dated on the back. This piece is available for purchase as my Etsy shop.
**Staring Feb 1, 2007 my work can be purchased at Wilson's Crafts and Clutter in West Frankfort, IL. So if you live near by or are passing through the Southern Illinois area, stop on by! I will have pictures of my booth and my work soon!**

"A Typical Day in the Forest" and "We Will Be Good Friends"

A Typical Day in the Forest

This is the largest collage I have done to date. It's based on my "Bird and..." collages. For those of you unfamiliar with my "Bird and..." collages you can check them out at my Etsy shop.
This is a 20 x 10 x 1.5" collage on wrapped canvas.The image was created with a variety of decorative papers and images.The canvas is ready to hang and the sides of the canvas have been collaged as well.This piece is titled, signed,and dated on the back.
This piece is available for purchase at my Etsy shop. SOLD

We Will Be Good Friends
This is a continuation of my collaged mirror series.
This piece measures 5.5 x 6" and is collaged onto a found mirror.The image was created by collaging a variety of vintage images.The mirror is made of resin and has a victorian carved design and has been painted and distressed. There is a hanger already in place on the back of the piece and it's titled, signed, and dated on the back.
You can purchase this collage at my Etsy shop. SOLD

Crazy Birdhouse Collage

I decided that for this birdhouse I would incorporate some of the animal head people that you will often see in my other work. This birdhouse was a lot of fun to make!
This piece measures 9 x 6 x 4.5" and is entirely collaged in decorative papers and vintage images and I used rubber stamps throughout the piece.The birdhouse is made from lightweight wood and has carved wooden decorative elements on the front.
This piece is titled, signed, and dated on the bottom.
This birdhouse is for sale Wilson's Craft and Clutter in West Frankfort, IL. SOLD

New Work

Bird and Nest

I found this little window box frame and loved the fact that it could both hang on the wall and stand alone as a sculpture. This piece measures 5.25 x 6" (11.5" if the doors are completely open). The frame has doors that open and shut and this piece can either hang on your wall or sit on a flat surface. The frame has been entirely collaged, painted and stamped. Two rusted metal stars adorn the front. A piece of thin plexi glass covers the image.The image has been collaged using decorative papers, vintage images, paint, and stamps. You can purchase this piece and see more pictures of this piece at my Etsy shop. SOLD

Collage Bookshelf

I came up with this idea after thinking about shelving to display some of the sculptures and other items that I have in my home. All of the shelves available are plain, and I wanted something a little more special. Something that was a sculpture in and of its self.This listing is for the shelf only.This is a 22 x 4" floating collage shelf.I have collaged a pre-made floating shelf with a variety of decorative papers, stamps, and oil pastels. The shelf has been collaged on all sides and the top and bottom. I wrapped the shelf in fine guage copper wire (the wire lays flat and will not interfere with the objects set on the shelf). Along the outside front edge are five tiny metal frames with vintage images inside. All hardware and the instructions to hang this shelf are included. You can purchase this piece and view more pictures of this piece at my Etsy shop. SOLD

Cats Around the Birdhouse

This is my newest piece titled, "Cats around the birdhouse".
I found this neat birdhouse and decided to paint and collage it. I was trying to think of animals and images that you would see around birdhouses and came up with cats. Birdhouses and bird feeders have always been a favorite place of my cats!
This is a collaged lightweight metal birdhouse. It measures 9" at it's highest point (the top of the hanger) and 3.5" at it's widest point. It is 3.5" wide.I painted the entire suface of the birdhouse in a antique gold metalic paint. I added collaged decorative papers and images, stamped the surface, and added faux berries and vines. The roof has writing on it in a raised pattern. You can't make out what the writing says, it's merely to add texture to the piece. There is also some raised swirl texture on the very front of the house around the heart.
This piece is titled, signed, and dated on the bottom.
You can few more angles as well as purchase this piece at my Etsy shop. http;// SOLD

Just Me and the Bees

This is my newest collage titled, "Me and the Bees". I think that that this piece would be great in a nursery or little kids room. I have been thinking about developing a whole line of artwork for kids rooms and was thinking that a variation on this design would be a great place to start. What do all of you think?
This collage reminds me of Summer! This piece measures 10 x 10" and is 2" thick (this size includes the frame).The image was created by combining vintage images and decorative papers.The frame is wooden and has been distressed. The frame was originally a brick red, and I painted a cream color over top. The red underneath pokes through in a few spots and it looks as if it has been around for awhile. The frame can sit alone or it can be hung on the wall. All of the necessary hardware is in place to do both.This collage is titled, signed, and dated on the back.
This piece is available for purchase at my Etsy shop. SOLD

Collaged Mirrors

These pieces were little mirrors that I found and then collaged over them. I loved the little Victorian frames! These frames are poured resin and I have painted and distressed them. I then collaged images right on top of the mirror. Because these are mirrors, neither one of these pieces has glass over the image.
The top collage is titled, "Bucky Was Looking Quite Dapper" and measures 5.5 x 7". SOLD
The second collage is titled, "You Guys Are So Funny" and it measures 6.5 x 5".
I bought quite a few of these little mirrors, so expect to see more like these in the future.
These are both for sale at my Etsy shop. SOLD

Do You Collect ACEO's?

For those of you who are not familar with ACEO's....An ACEO or Artist Card, Edition, and Original are small pieces of original art. The only requirement is that each piece measure 2.5 x 3.5". The content and materials are completely up to the creator. You can learn more about ACEO's and ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) at
The above ACEO's were created from vintage paper doll images and are a continuation of my doll themed work. The top piece is titled, "Vintage Paper Dolls" and the bottom piece is titled, "Let's Make Paper Dolls" SOLD. Both pieces measure 2.5 x 3.5" and are embellished with lace and grommets. Both ACEO's are available at my Etsy shop.

Garden Angel

I saw this sculpture the other day and loved it, but thought how much better it would be collaged!
This is a 21 x 13" Collaged Sculpture.The sculpture is made of some type of stone (not sure what kind) and has some weight to it. I collaged, painted, and stamped the entire piece. The body of the angel is covered in collaged images of butterflies, bees, birds, dragonflies, a turtle, a bunny, a frog, and a caterpillar (everything that you might see in a garden). The wings are made of metal and have two cream colored beads attached.

This piece is for sale at my Etsy shop. SOLD

My Reorganized Studio

Well my studio is completed! It was a lot of work, but I'm glad that I did it. Everything is so nicely organized and easy to work in. I can't believe that I filled an entire 5 shelf rubbermaid giant storage shelf! Hell I could use another!
The reorganization of my studio was my priority and now that it's complete, you should expect lots of art to be made and posted on my blog.


Well I decided to start working on organizing my studio today. I went out and bought shelving and clear plastic bins. I decided to purchase a metal shelf instead of the Rubbermaid snap togeter shelf that I had originally planned to buy because the metal one was $10 cheaper. Big mistake!! I spent the last three hours trying to put that stupid metal shelf together and swearing like a sailor in the process! It's now in a sagging lump in my garage. I'm going back to the store tomorrow to get the Rubbermaid one! It's very frustrating. I was hoping to have pictures to post of my new organized studio space and to be working in my new studio by now. Oh well. It'll be up in the next couple of days.

I do have some new work to post. I have started collaging birdhouses.
The idea for collaging this birdhouse came after I discovered this great birdhouse shape with it's interesting metal details. The birdhouse was originally a light grey color and I thought that collaging the surface would make it even more special. I have been inspired by other artists who have collaged birdhouses in publications such as Somerset Studio, and have always wanted to do one of my own.

This is a 9.5 x 5.5" collaged birdhouse.This is a pre-made birdhouse that I collaged with decorative papers,images, paint, and stamps. The birdhouse appears to be made of concrete or some type of clay. This piece has some weight to it. The feet and the entrance of the birdhouse are rusted metal.I collaged the entire surface with decorative papers and images and then stamped all of the edges of the house. An image of a birdsnest is in the peak of the roof of the house.
This piece is currently for sale at my Etsy store SOLD

The Strawberry Garden

Hello again! I hope that everyone's new year is off to a good start! I have been busy planning my new studio space (I'll have pictures when it's complete) and thinking up new work. The above piece is a piece I did in December and is a continuation of my doll themed work. This piece measures 8 x 10" and is on wood panel with 1" sides. The background design was created by collaging decorative papers, stenciling with paint and with stencil paste. This piece also has a great raised texture. I finished the piece off by collaging various vintage images together.
I have always enjoyed winter (I like the cold), but I can't help but to think about the Spring and Summer during this time of the year. I may be craving sunshine since winters tend to be a little gloomy here in Illinois. Anyways, my inspiration for this collage came from my thoughts of growing a garden this year. I love strawberries, so naturally my fantasy garden would be a strawberry garden! I think that this collage has a very Alice in Wonderland quality to it.
This piece is available for purchase at Wilson's Craft and Clutter in West Frankfort, IL or you can email me.

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